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Aloha =)

I would officially like to welcome the new members of the TSC. We need an icon, so if anybody has one, or a suggestion post it. Happy Easter! The three day weekend was fun. I'll go over a re-cap of movies I saw over the break.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - that was a good movie but a tear jerker if you've been trying to forget someone that you love or once loved.

The Girl Next Door - funny as hell! and I know all of the guys are going to like it, because the leading chick is a porn star, but it wasn't all about that. It was good, right KP?

Hellboy - I guess I'm a nerd, because I really liked that movie. It could have been alot shorter, but I liked it. If you liked Batman or Spider man then you'd like HB, right Emily? haha
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